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MIOLO is a PHP Object Oriented Framework that offers a great range of functions allowing rapid application development. The features, functions and the methodology used in the development of MIOLO were based on the experience acquired during the development of the SAGU Project.
MIOLO allows easy modularization of a project, and eases the integration between internal and external software modules. The methodology used in building MIOLO based applications enforces code reusability and code standardization.
It provides objects for distributed data base connectivity, even when databases are geographically distributed. The user interface can be defined by designers that don't necessarily need to know the complexity of the businness logic, through the use of themes. MIOLO provides complete objects for web forms, data manipulation and presentation, session control, user validation and user access rights. MIOLO is Web2 ready.

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Vilson C. Gartner - Project Coordinator

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leelu Aug 7, 2007 at 9:03 AM 
Hi ,
what kind of applications can be developed using this Framework, is their a doxygen documentation for this RC1. Does this framework uses Singleton Design Pattern, Can I have documentation..., The Framework coding looks amazing wrt OOPS used :)